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What is ShampYou?

ShampYou is customized hair care that can be specifically tailored to fit personal hair needs, depending on color, thickness and texture. Each ShampYou Base Blend has a different scent and can be combined with two SuperSerums to specifically provide optimal care and nutrition for your hair type. With ShampYou, you get to call the shots!

Where can I purchase ShampYou products?

All of our products are available online or in stores at Ulta Beauty with an incredible 144 different ShampYou combinations. Please visit to find out more.

How was ShampYou started?

ShampYou was inspired by cocktail mixology and the brainchild of Alex Epstein, who spent two years perfecting the concept.


What products are available?

ShampYou Nourish + Protect Base Blends are delicately fragranced and enriched with essential oils and a complex of oligopeptides extracted from natural silk, delivering an intense conditioning effect. Each blend contains Vitamin E, Pro Vitamin B5 and ionic (a detangling, anti-static and frizz reducing) system.

Base Blends

Juniper + Mint
Mimosa + Jasmine
Lemon + Verbena
Ylang Ylang + Bergamot

ShampYou Base Blends are boosted by the addition of up to two shots of SuperSerums. SuperSerums are a concentrated blend of active natural extracts, vitamins, minerals and advanced scientific complexes.


Beautiful Brunette
High-Definition Blonde
Ravishing Red
Gimme More Moisture
Turn Up The Volume
Curl Me Up
Back To Your Roots


Cashmere + White Lily

Creation process.

How does it work?

ShampYou works in four simple steps. Start with one of four gently fragranced, salon-quality Base Blends and add up to two SuperSerum shots creating an individualized blend. Simply mix and shake bottle like a cocktail for a custom-made ready-to-use shampoo. Lastly, finish your hair care routine with our salon-quality Conditioner.

Can I use more than two SuperSerums?

Each Base Blend is created to fit up to two SuperSerums. It is recommended to only use two SuperSerums per Base Blend. You can “double up” on the SuperSerum of your choice if you want to enhance that specific effect.

Can I add more than one of the same SuperSerum?

Yes, each SuperSerum shot has a specific percentage of nutrients. An additional shot of your choice will help to enhance each SuperSerum benefit.


Are ShampYou SuperSerums safe for color-treated hair?

Yes, all of our SuperSerum shots are safe to use on color-treated hair.

Do ShampYou SuperSerums dye my hair?

Our SuperSerum shots formulated for color-treated hair help to enhance and illuminate blonde, brunette and red shades with the use of extracts rather than dyes.

Does ShampYou contain sulfate, parabens or alcohol?

Our products are formulated without parabens or alcohol. However, they do include a milder Sodium Laureth Sulfate blended with a natural Decyl Glucoside, which ultimately delivers a very mild shampoo and will not strip your hair of moisture. Our shampoo is enriched with silk protein and vitamins to help lock in moisture.

Are ShampYou products gluten-free?

We do not have any gluten protein in our products.

Do ShampYou products contain silicone?

Each ShampYou blend is silicone free.

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